Major Work Volume 2: Freedom Of Speech

Release Date: March 24, 2014

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1. Practice

2. Listen Up!!

3. Word On The Street (performed by Valle Jolly)

4. Never Learn

5. Honest (interlude)

6. Transatlantic (featuring Cory West and Josh)

7. Hands Up!!

8. Aggression

Major Work Volume 1

Release Date: August 24, 2012

Download link:



  1. Sdegraffinried says:

    Track 6?! Track 7?! From Track 1 on Polo delivers. And with only 7 tracks, there’s surely time to press play one more time and let it ride through. How many albums can you actually do that with these days? I’m appreciative over here. Oh, and that Jim Viza dude on Tracks 5 & 6? Definitely a fitting addition. I’m feeling this project, Polo. Period Point Blank

  2. Nova The Rebel says:

    Music is dope!!  Cleveland in dis thang!! CHEEAAA!!!