Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Polo Champ has been professionally recording since 2005.  Inspired by the neighborhood that raised him, affectionately known as Kinsman County, Polo began writing poetry at the age of 8 and started perfecting his ability to share his experiences through masterfully crafted rhymes, delivered with unmatched magnetism and charisma.  Over the course of his career, Polo has released 4 mixtapes to critical acclaim.  With each mixtape, Polo has been able to chronicle his personal experiences and creatively turn them into a product that was relatable to his wide fan base:

“I feel that deep down in everyone’s soul and spirit, creativity lives. When I speak, you can hear the imperfections of the world. I’m the man who puts his heart on his sleeve and puts his all into his music. My message is not some crazy intricate thing. I give creativity through music to the masses for the purpose of giving hope. I try to elevate creativity and art and break it down to the lowest denominator, our everyday lives.”

His songs have been played on DJ Sixth Sense’s XM Satellite Radio show and he has worked with various independent artists, such as DJ Uncut, Jim Viza, Sunny Jones, Phenom, Phyre, Garbs Infinite, Buddy Banks Jr., Cha’ron, and Poetic Republic to name a few.

His new EP, Major Work Vol. 2: Freedom Of Speech, aims to deliver everything that people have come to love about Polo Champ and more!  Polo now resides in Las Vegas and he has also become a husband and a father, noted on his new intro song “Practice” in which he affectionately shouts out “Val, Zoe, BJ.. love you”.  With renewed inspiration from all of these major life changes, Major Work Vol. 2: Freedom Of Speech promises to showcase not only Polo’s artistic and lyrical talents, but also his uncanny ability to set everyday life events to a raw beat that will have you nodding your head in agreement and appreciation of good, relevant and real hip-hop.



  1. Shalonda Whitmore says:

    This is certainly a very accurate and through overview of the music movement that is Polo Champ. Synonymous with what is real and what is pure, Polo’s heart shines through even on this mere EP sampling. Man, do you all really think we’re ready for the whole album? I’d recommend personally that we all proceed with caution…fire is hot. I mean damn, have you heard Flyyy? Riiight? POLO?! Any of it?! Polo is clearly in his element with this new “true grown man” status. Life is good after all, and he’s showing the benefits of it all.

    I must admit that I’m a little biased, being a long-time fan and all. But don’t I have that right, being a long-time fan? I’m just saying. I appreciate good music, and Polo clearly does too. I’ve heard hundreds of Polo projects and still eagerly await each new take on real life. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that really what this whole hip hop thing is supposed to be about? Real life.