The Makings Of Major Work Volume 2: Freedom Of Speech Part 2 “Practice”

The Makings Of Major Work Volume 2: Freedom Of Speech, a 10 part series including the pre and post thoughts, plus the breakdown of every track. Direct words from Polo Champ himself:


Part 2: Practice

Practice is actually the last song I recorded for the EP and ironically it’s the intro.  Sonically I don’t think it matches the rest of the EP, so the next one I’m shooting for a full sonically cohesive album, but it was so dope I had to include it. Shout out to my man Tee Spoon Kaboom who laced me with the beat. We were working on a price for me to pay for it and when he heard the lyrics I put to it, he said you got it for free dawg, just make sure it gets heard. At that point, I felt it was something magical. In the past I’ve drifted from being too clever and not connecting with the audience, to being too direct and not coming across as a lyricist. But with Practice and this EP, I really feel like I’m discovering the balance between being lyrical and putting things in that require multiple listens to decipher, and being approachable to the casual listener who’s not trying to really get that deep into a song lyrically. The whole song is me wrestling with the idea of going hard, but the game for a player of my skill is only practice these days.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

They say Polo why you playing hard?/it’s only practice/ but the fact is/ I’m gone attack this/ message to my future bracket/ treat you all like a 16/ you my seeds, take heed to this 16/ win my region/ I be the reason/ my whole legion can stay bringing doom/ Mean Mark Callous (Undertaker) it’s time to start on another tomb/ I’m in the building, but you just may have to build another room/ for my ego/ I paint shit iller than a Vigo/ GB2/ spirits cop tickets to see me too/ God Body, understanding 3rd eye, will see me through/ it’s time to eat, I don’t want a table, I prefer a booth/ here’s the truth/ you a steak locked in with a Saber tooth/ yo chain remain/ after slain/ cause I like to give’em proof/ when they finish that new room, tell’em raise the fuckin roof/ cause I’m growing getting taller/ steppin on you crawlers/ crabs in a bucket/ I ain’t seen since I said fuck it/ if you aiming at my neck, and expect for me to duck it/ I become degenerate, tell yo main line to suck it/ that’s enough reference, to the WWE/ cause that’s fake, fuck with me meet WW3/ real nigga/ descendent of some field niggaz/ and the Moors who built Europe, that’s some trill shit nigga/ actually this longer than a fuckin 16/ let Pharrell make you happy, but this fuckin shits mean/ I wonder when Martin wakes, will he see his dream/ but I know what it really takes and that’s by any means!!!