The Makings Of Major Work Volume 2: Freedom of Speech Part 1

The Makings Of Major Work Volume 2: Freedom Of Speech, a 10 part series including the pre and post thoughts, plus the breakdown of every track. Direct words from Polo Champ himself:



Part 1:

Coming into this project I approached it like every other mixtape/EP I dropped before, but I knew I wanted to go the route of all original beats for the first time. My first thought, which is always a loyal one, was to reach out to my brother Greg “Rembrandt” Parsons and my brother from another Sunny Jones. These guys are always working and my timing was off, so out of that I got one track (Word On The Street).  Around that time my other brother from another, Styx, had moved to Las Vegas and patched me in with the homie aLive from Muamin. We had done some shows together in Cleveland and had a good relationship, but I never really sought him out for production. A couple emails later and I literally had an inbox of around 30 beats to pick from. From there the brainstorming started and it would actually take some years for me to piece it all together.

I knew this time around I wanted to speak on things that really stick to the bones of people, things that other rappers don’t know, or they’re too scared to speak on in a way that is unapologetic. I didn’t have a desire to focus on my skills, money, hood fame or even my gear. One of the last conversations I had with my Uncle George before his passing was for me to carry the light. He told me don’t worry about carrying it now or in the near future, but I would know when I was ready. I’ve always read books and had alternative theories and thoughts about life, but in my 20s these things rarely found air time in my music. I was too concerned with the usual trappings at those times and asserting myself in areas I felt were important. It wasn’t until I got married and had children that my world view was altered to the point that I needed to be vocal. We all have to die one day and I began to wonder about my mortality and what I would leave behind to the world and to my children. I asked my Uncle George shortly before his death whether or not he was worried or scared and a smile came to his face. He told me, “don’t worry over the inevitable. I spent my time learning and sharing and I’ve created things that will help me live on forever”. My uncle is a well known Egyptologist, scholar and poet and there was literally nowhere I could go in Cleveland without someone having something great to say about him. Those seeds he planted in me in 2006 and even before that, are the driving force behind the inspiration of MW2.

My other inspiration is my wife and my babies. I hope they can find a sense of pride in the fact that her husband and their father is not scared to use his voice. That material things do not drive him, but he is actually a man of substance. This is just the beginning of what I hope is a new definition of who Polo Champ is. The name will remain for now, it was earned in high school, but I have to grow!!