Polo Champ turns 33 today and drops Major Work Volume 2: Freedom Of Speech unexpectedly at the same time



POLO CHAMP IS BACK!!! With a triumphant return on his born day, Polo Champ has just released Major Work Volume 2: Freedom Of Speech for his fans. Packed with all original production, this EP sees Polo Champ taking a more serious tone throughout as he addresses issues from religion, race and history to name a few. On the intro song “Practice”, he manages to weave so many metaphors throughout, it will take several listens to catch everything. Yep, that’s Polo Champ at his best, approachable music, but a deeper depth if you care dive further. Listen, enjoy and share. Feedback is strongly encouraged as Polo Champ is already working on his next project, refusing to take another long layoff.


Click the banner above for the new EP or the attached link >>>>http://tinyurl.com/mdurw7p


  1. Austin says:

    It good to see you back, this album is nice