“Epic” Review

I’m disappointed in anyone who is reading this that didn’t get the free download on October 6th of the self titled LP “Epic”. Let me be honest and say that Ahptimus Prime and Phenom (the group Epic) are personal homies of mine, but when it comes to hip hop and recommendations that actually works opposite of what most would think. You tend to be more critical and listen a little harder when digesting the work of a peer to make sure you’re not cosigning something less than “Epic” to fellow heads. Well let me be clear when I say, cover to cover, song for song, there was no better title for this collection of masterpieces other than EPIC!!

On the “Intro” you’re welcomed with a cinematic score with enough bars to keep the biggest hip hop lush intoxicated. One of my personal favorites is delivered by Ahp when he spits “they just mad that all they broads ain’t as bad as what we discard”. While somewhat straight forward, you have to admire the approach and delivery in addressing the naysayers. But the highlight has to be the ending of each verse with the reaffirmation line of “it’s Epic, just like we told you it would be”. From the there the album proceeds to be a ride in the life of a “West41stSide” veteran. Hard to find anything wack from this offering and my personal stand out tracks are “Work”, “Wrist Glitta”,  ”Watch Me” and “Rare Form”. On “Rare Form” Phenom’s verse and lead out are the type of things that get you excited that hip hop may just recover from life support.

There are so many highlights involved with this release you might as well just watch the whole game lol. So without any further delay, download the album here http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=403501 and thank those guys for giving out free diamonds. Peace!!