New EP “Classic Files” with Dymondz, Coming In November

Fresh off the successful release of his comeback EP “Major Work Vol. 1″ a few short weeks ago, Polo Champ is set to release a new EP entitled “Classic Files Vol. 1″. This time around he co-stars with up and coming lyricist Dymondz, aka @DTYD, as they grace several classic Mid West instrumentals, both old and new. The two have pledged that this release will be the first of many in a series they plan to expand upon. “We’re aiming to at least do 4 to 5 projects over the next 6 months to a year that highlights our favorite beats from different regions. We actually have been sitting on this music for a while, trying to come up with a way to present it. We’re pretty much at the mixing phase now so we hope to have it out right after Halloween, or the top half of November” – Polo Champ

Major Work Volume 1 releases early to supporters

True to his word, Polo Champ released his anticipated return to hip hop “Major Work Volume 1″ early to long time supporters. The 20 minute, non stop, lyrical onslaught has satisfied those who have received early access. Stay tuned to this site for the release of the critically acclaimed EP. We’re pleased to say this is on the first in a line of releases for The Champ over the next year. PO-LOOOOOOO!!!


Polo Champ features on the debut album from Sunny Jones

The debut album from rapper/singer/producer Sunny Jones titled Beats, Bars & Bragging Rights, recently released on the artist’s birthday July 27th. As a frequent collaborator of Polo Champ’s, it was only natural the two hooked up for the third single off of the release perfectly titled “Independent’s Day”. The song, produced by Two Thumbs Up (Sunny Jones and Buddy Banks Jr.), is straight forward as Sunny and Polo spit verses on the benefits of being an independent artist in today’s market. As a treat for the supportive fans of his homegrown movement, Mr. Jones has made the release available free of charge at his website Enjoy the masterpiece called Independent’s Day on the link below.